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The Best Learning Gifts for Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers in 2016

November 29, 2016 / one comment, on best toys, Educational Toys, Toy Revues

Anna Anna V.

Holiday shopping for your children can be a lot of fun – everything around is so delightful! And yet, just how do you pick a present that’s actually fun, functional and educational in one? If you are shopping for gift ideas for your own kids or for someone others baby, toddler or preschooler near to your heart, keep in mind that there actually are toys out there that fulfill all three requirements. And always consider the skills they will learn.

Let’s look at four choices for the 2016 holidays with specific skill-building advantages. You really can feel great gifting each one of these Best Holiday Toys!



The SpinAgain is a multicolored stacking toy with a new twist – the stacking disks corkscrew down the middle pole. Toddlers ( recommended for 12 months and up) apparently never grow bored with putting the bright colored disks at the top and watching them spiral down!

The reason it’s a learning experience: The SpinAgain stimulates intellectual and concentrating skills, fine motor skills and visual-spatial perception skills as children adjust, sort and arrange the disks and put them on the center pole, and then watch it wobble down. Find it here.


Gigantic Step and Play Piano

The Gigantic Step and Play Piano is a 6-foot vinyl fabric piano mat intended to lead tiny feet to stomp out tunes!

The piano will play eight different instrument sounds: piano, saxophone, violin, accordion, trumpet, harp, xylophone and guitar. Youngsters can even record and play back their own compositions. They can make music actively by including dance moves while stepping on the keys! It’s suitable for ages 3 and up.

The reason it’s a learning experience: The Gigantic Step and Play Piano enhances gross motoric development and sensory processing as the kids walk, crawl and hop from key to key and hear the instrument sounds. While they compose their very own melodies, youngsters makes use of their cognitive abilities, creativity and logic in particular. More info here.


Pewi YBike Elite

The Pewi YBike Elite is a one of a kind balance guide and ride-on for small kids. Infants 9 months and up can grab onto the handles and push as they learn to walk, while older toddlers love it as a foot-powered ride-on toy vehicle. The multi-directional wheels and four legs allow total freedom of movements and steadiness.

The reason it’s a learning experience: The YBike is build to develop gross motor skills. Kids enhance their core strength together with the coordination of their arms and legs when riding the YBike or pushing it and learning to walk . Here’s the link.


Munch Mitt

The Munch Mitt is an excellent teething accessory for babies 3 months and up. With a bumpy texture, crinkle sounds and vibrant colors, it offers all sorts of sensory input as the little one chews on the silicone to ease teething pain. The safety band makes sure the baby won’t drop it. And it’s entirely washable, too.

The reason it’s a learning experience: The Munch Mitt provides oral, tactile, visual and auditory sensory input as babies explore the teether with their hands and mouths. The bumpy textures encourage babies to chew the mitt instead of their hands or other objects, along with the crinkle sounds that keeps the little ones entertained. And you can choose from different colors too. Check it out here.








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