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Choosing Toy Gifts for your Child’s Birthday Party

February 23, 2017 / 7 comments, on best toys

Our friend Ellie over at Whistlecopter approached us with the suggestion to write a guest post about birthday toy gifts. We liked the idea. So, without further due, pick it up, Ellie!

Choosing Toy Gifts for your Child’s Birthday Party

By Ellie B.

If you are shopping for a birthday present for your children, you’re most likely wondering what to get since you would want to give them the very best. A child’s eyes always brighten up whenever they see toys, so you would most likely get some toys for their birthday; however, you wouldn’t want to spend too much on toys but you want to give them something that they will really love. Choosing toys for children seems like a simple task but a lot of people do not know that there are a lot of important things to consider when choosing.

Toy’s bring a lot of learning opportunities for your children but this can also be hazardous to their health; this is the reason why it is necessary for you to know how to select the right toys for them. There is an overwhelming number of toys available today which makes choosing confusing and stressful for everyone. Here, we will share with you some tips on how to pick the best toy for your child’s birthday that they will surely love and cherish.

Know their Interests

What do your children enjoy? Observe them well and recognize their hobbies or the things that seem to attract them. When they have a toy related to an activity they enjoy doing, this may help and further enhance their skills while also allowing them to discover what their passions are. Also, determine their skill level so the toy you choose for them will be highly enjoyable and easy for them to relate to.

Choose Educational Toys

Since children love to have fun, why not give them an education toy that they can enjoy and have fun with while learning new things. For girls, consider giving them dress-up dolls or a necklace-making set; for boys, you may choose building blocks or toy construction tool sets since these toys help them develop their imagination and creative thinking. Some toys are not only great for developing your children’s skills, but these can also be used for a kid’s birthday party to entertain guests with beautiful and colorful lights. Always choose a toy that will allow your child to think and have their imagination work, or one that lets them do numerous things with it. These toys will help lengthen their attention span while enhancing their spatial intelligence.

Learn the Various Interests of Children from Different Ages

A child’s interest depends on their age so you should also consider this before purchasing a gift. First, determine the age group of your children before deciding which toy is appropriate for them. For infants and toddlers, toys that attract them are those they can see, hear, smell, or squeeze. Bright colors and fun music are also some of the things they get interested in. Preschoolers are energetic, so they must have a lot of playtime to enhance their skills and to leam new ones as well. Children of this age are imaginative so they enjoy creating things such as stories or drawings, while some do a lot of pretend play with their toys. Older children prefer realistic toys or those that are similar to the actual object; some of these include jewelry, music, or movie-related items. Sports have also become important to older children today; this is why a lot of them are also focused on their favorite physical activities and sports.

Choose Toys that are Safe for your Children

When purchasing a toy for your children, make sure that these do not pose a health hazard. Always check the safety precautions and labels to avoid danger such as choking, burning, or suffocation. For smaller children, always avoid toys that have small parts to prevent them from swallowing these. Also, avoid oil-based, electricity-operated toys, and those with sharp edges to avoid harm. Remember that you should choose toys that are lead-free and nontoxic; for toys that make sounds such as musical toys, rattles, squeaking toys, and various toys for birthday party, ensure that these do not produce too loud sounds since it could cause hearing damage if children hold these directly to their ears.

Choose Something that You can Afford

Giving presents can be fun, but it can also be daunting once you consider your budget or deal with paying your credit card bills. You don’t really need to purchase something that is out of your budget,  just to get something your children will love since there are cheaper toys that they will definitely enjoy; some of these affordable toys include the Bubble Gun toy from Whistlecopter. When buying the Bubble Gun toy, you can choose from two designs – Nemo which has a peach color and Dory which has a blue color. These are also great birthday party toys since you can easily fill the air with a lot of bubbles while enjoying its flashing LED lights and music to make your children’s birthday party more enjoyable. The Bubble Gun Toy also serves as a great party favor.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.


* About the Author:
Ellie Bell is a professional blog writer, working at Whistle Copter, which offers a wide range of bubblegun toys for children. Follow her company on Twitter and Google Plus.


Disclaimer: All opinions and views expressed in this guest post are solely those of the guest author, and do not necessarily reflect the position and views of Toys4MyKids.



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