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The First Six Months – Must Have Toys For Your Baby

December 4, 2016 / 2 comments, on best toys, Find the right toy, Toy Revues

Anna V.By Anna V.

At the first half year of a baby’s life almost everything revolves around feeding, sleeping and gazing into your face. As time goes on you will notice, that they become more alert and interested in the people, pets (if you have any) and environment around them.

The right toys can educate, entertain and encourage your child in its development. For a child in the earliest age it can be challenging for a new mom or dad to find the perfect toy. Here are my picks:


Baby’s First Blocks and the Rock Stack Bundle

The variety in shapes and colors these two toys come with is what makes the great for your 0 − 6 months old. The sorting lid in baby’s first blocks and the rocking effect of the Rock stack bundle stand out for me. These two toys enhance the motor skills and problem solving skills of the little ones in an amazingly entertaining way. Find them here.


Rattle & Rock Maracas Musical Toy

Easy to grasp and shake, this colorful musical toy will in no time be your baby’s favorite! Be ready to see her/him move to the beat. Thanks to the rattle sound colored beads. I particularly like the super soft base, portability and the tiny hands fitting, perfect for a baby this age. With this toy your child will have great success in developing its gross motor and sensory skills. Here is the link.


Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle

Made of light-weight materials, Sassy Flip & Grip Rattle grabs baby’s attention with its high contrast patterns which I absolutely love. The floating multicolored beads inside the toy can be seen by the baby, as they make the attracting rattle sound. This stimulating toy gives your little one a workout for the brain, appropriate for this age. More Details here.


Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys

Simply the best bath time toys in my opinion, the Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toy engages your bathing baby. Well designed in color and shape, fitting right into their little hands, these toys produce a great sound when squeezed. There are themed after the movie “Finding Nemo”, a set of 3 squirt toys – Nemo, Dory, and Turtle. What a joy for the baby to play with them in the bath tub! You can check them out here.


Oball Shaker

What I like most about this toy is that it has two small, flexible and teethable Oballs with a structured surface, easy to bite and to hold. It’s also a rattle with small multicolored beads that the baby can see which makes the toy also visually engaging for the child. One of the best in the low price range. More info.


Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

The Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is made of soft, flexible plastic to make it easy to the little ones to bend and squeeze it. The colorful structured surface of the toy, the cute smiling Baby Einstein caterpillar on the center band, and a rattle inside engage your small child on so many levels. It’s here.


Playgro My First Bead Buddy Giraffe For Baby

As the name suggests, Playgro My First Bead Buddy Giraffe is a first time baby experience toy. The rattle beads inside provide auditory stimulation. The use of different materials promote tactile enhancement. Plenty of beautiful colors engage the baby’s eyes. The toy is easy to grasp for the smallest ones. It trains and develops all their senses. Highly recommended! Here’s the link.

It’s always a good idea to look for early development toys that have a positive impact on your child’s vital senses. There are a lot of similar toys available and to choose from. Above are my personal best picks.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.


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