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Benefits of Organic Plush Toys

December 19, 2016 / 2 comments, on best toys, Organic

Nancy M.By Nancy M.

My youngsters just adore their plush toys, most of all their organic stuffed animals. Nowadays I feel save knowing that these toys are organic, natural and friendly to the environment. And I know exactly what they are made of. But that was not always so. Before my husband and I decided to go organic, we were not paying much attention if a toy in general or some plush toy in particular was labeled certified organic or not. Today I cherish this peace of mind knowing that my children are not harmed in any way by their dearest and closest toys.

Here is why you too might want to consider organic teddy bears, doll and other plush toys:

A Constant Companion

Your children need their plush toys not only as play things but also as constant companions, with which they can act as if they were living beings, enjoying their softness, hugging and padding them, simply cuddle and draw warmth from them. Many babies and toddlers are not willing to be separated, even for a moment, from their beloved teddy bear or other cherished plush toy. This close proximity alone makes us parents want to know if the toy can have any potentially harmful impact on the health of our child.

Inspiring Your Child’s Imagination

Organic plush toys inspire your child’s imagination. They are open-ended toys since they don’t come with batteries. Your baby’s interest is kept a notch higher, compared with other toys. Many children are having a conversation with them, even if in baby language, later telling them what to do, asking their opinion without expecting an answer in return. A child doesn’t really get tiered of such a toy.

There are no health risks involved

Organic plush toys are made of natural organic fiber such as cotton, silk, jute, bamboo, flannel, and wool. These materials are used either in the fabric or the stuffing. The fibers are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and do not have any adverse effects on humans or environment. Organic plush toys have significant positive health effects on your child. So your kid can grow healthy and happy.

Good for the environment

Organic plush toys tend to last longer than their synthetic counterparts, mainly because your child will tend to take good care of them. And even if a toy dear to the child, particularly a teddy bear or a plush doll, show a certain wear and tear, many kids refuse to part with them, even in exchange for a new one. Since organic plush toys are free of toxic substances, this benefits not only our children but also the environment. Being recycle friendly, they are no burden to our earth.

Toys for your child

The wide range of organic plush toys available to as is steadily growing. Your child’s first plush toys will probably be a duckies, teddy bear, doll, monkey, cat, caterpillar, sheep, dog, horse or giraffe. There are also elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, lions and tigers, as well as fruits and vegetables to choose from. If not sure what animal or fruit to choose, watch your child reacting when seeing different animals or eating different fruit. The safest bet still remains teddy bears and dolls. Happy Holidays!

What do you think about organic toys? Let us know in the comments.



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